IRIS - Incident Report Information System

Humanitarian and development aid organisations need to be able to provide timely and effective support to their staff, when they are victims of security incidents, in order to fulfil their duty of care.

Additionally, managers and executives need to be able to take the appropriate security risk management decisions, and for this purpose they need to be informed about when incidents occur, what are their circumstances or what are the trends that affect the provision of aid to populations in need.

Humanitarian Access has specialised in facilitating modern and adapted IT solutions for this purpose. Based on the open source platform “Ushahidi”, your organisation will be able to have its own incident reporting information system to better support victims of incidents through an online interface.

You control your data

At Humanitarian Access, we know how important your data is for your organisation, particularly when it is related to security risk management and the support to the victims of incidents is at stake.

For this reason, you can decide what type of deployment your organisation requires and whether the platform would be installed in your own servers or under the modality of software as a service.


  • Modern platform for the reporting of incidents via an online interface.

  • Possibility of rapidly seeing in a map where most incidents occur, or where victims had to face different types of incidents.

Organisation specific online form for the reporting of security incidents. This can be customised to meet the reporting needs of the organisation and prioritise information as required.

Alerts for managers, so they can rapidly provide support to victims. In addition, alerts for staff, so that the necessary precautions can be taken.

Low bandwidth interface for remote locations, satellite connection or severe emergency support request.

Access to the list of the reports submitted onto the platform and the possibility of filtering them by location or any other criteria in order to prepare risk assessments, briefings, reports, etc.


If you would like to have an idea of how the system works, then please request a demo from us. We can give you exclusive access to a standard deployment so that you can explore some of the benefits of our incident reporting information system.

You can visit our on-line version of IRIS to check out its features

For more information about the most suitable solution for your organisation, or if you would like to have a bespoke demo or a customised incident reporting information system, then please email Gonzalo de Palacios at