Security briefing

Duty of care is the moral and legal obligation organisations have to protect their employees. From a legal point of view, national labour laws and codes must protect workers’ rights.

In many countries, Occupational Health & Safety laws, establish the minimum requirements organisations have to comply with in relation to their Spanish staff. Ignoring these requirements, can lead to very expensive legal compensations, such as what recently occurred in the “Steve Dennis vs NRC” case or to a significant loss of image and reputation.

An adequate security risk management, following duty of care practices and inspired by the ISO 31000 on Risk Management, should contribute to achieve the organisation´s objectives and in a much safer way.

With specialised staff in security risk management in the humanitarian and development aid sector, Humanitarian Access has developed a line of work which enables organisations to fulfil their duty of care obligations.

Support services offered

  • Generic or tailor-made training adapted to the organisation on security management framework for managerial and non-managerial staff.

  • Security briefing for aid staff where they will be informed about the risks they may be faced with at their work location(s).

  • In relation to the risks identified, basic notions on personal security.

  • If there is a security plan, information and explanation on its contents.

  • If the organisation doesn’t have a security plan, support in its development in order to inform them on basic security rules in the country of deployment.

  • Preparation, update and hand-out of the “constant companion”.

These activities can be done at the organisation´s Headquarters, by telephone or skype, or at the Humanitarian Access office in English, Spanish and French.