Duty of care should inspire the way humanitarian and development organisations work.

So that these organisations are able to fulfil their mandates the safest way possible, Humanitarian Access supports NGOs and other entities in the sector in the entire cycle of security risk management reference systems, such as:

  • Support in the definition of security risk management policies in order to define what is the position of the organisation in relation to risks and their limits.

  • Support in the practical implementation of these policies in the operating environments.

  • Context analysis, stakeholders analysis and identification of the threats that affect the work humanitarian and development aid organisations.

  • Participatory risk assessments in order to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities and establish the risk treatment measures.

  • Define the implementation strategies for the risk treatment measures based on acceptance, protection and deterrence.

  • Preparation of security plans, standard operating procedures, evacuation and hibernation contingency plans, etc.

  • Security mapping for the definition of safe and unsafe perimeters.

  • Support in the management of security and critical incidents, from the creation of modern fast and agile systems for the reporting of incidents to the management of the cases and support to management teams.

  • Link of the risk assessments with the logical frameworks of projects.

  • Preparation of budgets and support in the preparation of the chapters of project proposals that donors request in their calls.

  • Preparation of training plans related to security risk management, identifying the training needs and proposing resources to implement them.

  • Theoretical and practical trainings, both on line and face to face, that cover the entire security risk management cycle.

  • Evaluation of the existing reference systems and provide strategic recommendations about how to improve them.


Linked with the information technologies section, Humanitarian Access has specialised itself in facilitating the reporting of security incidents through the open source platform IRIS. An example of this solution can be viewed visiting the deployment to represent the incidents of the Aid Worker Security Database of Humanitarian Outcomes.